Though my calendar point to April it is still winter here in Cologne, Germany. Spring is nowhere to be seen. The landscapes still have that barren "winter" look. Nothing that seems to live or to bloom. Muted colors everywhere. It is even still snowing from time to time, though the snow melts during the day...

Winter has come a long way this year and currently the weather forecasts have no clue when it will end.

As boring as this situation might sound one can still take pictures, not only street (those are always possible) but also nature. The look of nature is certainly more harsh and cool. I long for spring... a few more degrees and the vivid colors of spring.

So, this is what the current "spring" here looks like:

All images in this blog post are taken with the Fujifilm X100. Except the last alley shot and the picture of the swan wich were shot with my Olympus OM-D with the 45mm lens.