Well today is Halloween and it is surely become ever more popular over here in Germany. There are Halloween parties everywhere and people seem to enjoy get dressed up as zombies and the like.

Even pumpkin heads get more to be seen. 


Which brings me to something else: A few weeks back I was shooting a zombie walk in Düsseldorf. For those who don't know exactly what this is, try to imagine hundreds of people meeting at some popular point in the city all dressed up as zombies!

Yes that's right. I saw whole families going there looking like the walking dead. For those in Düsseldorf who were not aware of that event it must have been quite a shock or amusement based on their personal temper and taste. 

I personally have never been to a zombie walk before but I have seen photos of those walks over at Steve Huff's page.

I always wondered if we in Germany have these kind of events and actually there are! 

So I found out about this particular event in Düsseldorf and I went there with my 'photographer' friend Reiner to shoot some zombies in action.  

Well I can tell you it was so much fun being there literally surrounded by so much rotten flesh!  Everywhere you looked, everywhere you pointed your camera you had some amazing zombies standing and posing before you ... and other photographers.

That's right. Not only zombies were crawling the old town of Düsseldorf. I was amazed at how much people with cameras - just as me - attended the walk. It seemed to me like some kind of new business opportunity for some who were there with huge camera bags, assistants, tripods, flash guns and so forth.

However I was pleasingly surprised to meet some cosplayers there that I have already shot at the AnimagiC in Bonn earlier this year. At the AnimagiC they cosplayed a vampire couple from the japanese band "Versailles".

This time around they appropriately were dressed up like zombies. Do you see the resemblance?  

I enjoyed the day very much. I brought three little cameras with me: the Olympus OM-D, the Fuji X100 and last but not least my newly acquired analog Yashica 35 Electro.  I even had to insert a film into the Yashica during the walk which is something I am not used to anymore. Here are some pictures I shot with the old Yashica:

The b/w ones are shot with a Kodak Tri-X 400, the others with a Kodak Portra 400 film.  

Not bad for a nearly 40-year old camera I think!

And last but not least a photo of my fellow co-shooter Reiner taken with the Yashica and the Portra 400 film.